Allied Mortgage Group has a highly seasoned and tenured management team. We have seen firsthand the economic booms, the challenging downturns – and everything in between. This means we have tested systems and structures in place to manage risk, stimulate growth, and assure your success.

20+ successful years in the wholesale business doesn’t just happen by accident. Allied has built a reputation on solid relationships with our clients.

Allied Mortgage Group's Top 5 reasons to do business with us:

  1. Experienced Wholesale Account Executives
  2. Dedicated Inside Account Managers teamed up with each broker
  3. DTIs per AUS
  4. Hands-on Management Team
  5. Regional Banker means a boutique wholesale experience

Process - We provide our clients with a smooth and seamless process.

Personalized Service - You always get predictable, consistent service any time you need it. Our staff is composed of highly experienced loan experts with a focus on getting loans to the table on time.

Pricing - You'll find our rates to be very competitive in the market.

Product Line - As a Fannie Mae seller/servicer, a HUD approved DE Lender, and a VA Automatic Authority Lender, we offer all of the programs you expect to find in the market.

  • Conventional (FNMA, FHLMC) · Fixed and ARM · FNMA Homepath · My Community
  • FHA down to 600 scores
  • VA and VA IRRRLs down to 600 FICO (No AVM on VA IRRRLs with a 620+ FICO)
  • Jumbos (Purchase, Refi, and Cashout available)
  • FNMA DU Refi Plus/FHLMC Open Access up to 150% LTV/CLTV
  • USDA (102 LTV with 640 FICO and GUS approval)

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